Cross Channel Marketing Helps Brands to Maintain Existing Customers Better Than Just Online Advertising

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While it is widely known how crucial it is for all types of businesses to establish themselves and their brand online, it is still vital that brands are able to connect to and maintain relationships with their audience online and offline to maintain current customer relationships. Print media is the true lynch pin of the success of cross channel marketing.

Statistics show that it costs 5 to 8 times more on average to acquire new customers than retain old. So while important, it is also increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain their existing customer base. All the competition in the world is right there on a person’s smartphone. Lowest price is obviously a huge appeal but so are other offers like fastest shipping and easy return options. A well done ad in the newspaper develops a sense of trust with the reader almost instantly. It gives them that feeling that they can go there and talk to someone about the product and if they are unsatisfied they can take the product back.

Traditional media advertising such as direct mail flyers, free standing inserts, postcards, and newspaper advertising are able to reach potential buyers at a time of the day where they are more at ease. Flipping through the mail at the end of the day to a well done print ad in any form causes the viewer to stop and take notice. Thus, creating a more tangible interaction that inspires them to act.

Offline media helps you better present your products or services in a way that helps potential customers to develop a legitimate relationship with your brand and encourage more sales. Because people are so used to constant interaction and instant gratification making sure that you are able to reach them where ever they are is imperative, and that’s why understanding how to create a effective cross channel marketing campaign is key.

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