Including Print Advertising in your Holiday Campaign is a Smart Move

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Including Print Advertising in your Holiday Campaign this winter can help you drive sales to your store or website. Publishers typically offer great deals over the holidays that give your campaign the added push they need.  Shoppers often scan papers regularly during the holiday season to look for coupons and local sales. USA Today is offering a Shop for Gifts today special where you get into the Black Friday Edition and then the Monday edition for free.

Print advertising is a great way to place  effective campaign that efficiently targets your audience by reaching both locally and nationally. Including Print Advertising in your Holiday Campaign is also a great way to increase online sales without eating away at your entire advertising budget.  Even though people spend a huge amount of time online they are actually absorbing less of the information they see. This is a huge bonus for print advertising that improves memory and recognition for brands.  When looking at brain patterns studies show that in fact print advertising typically leads to more responses that are associated with purchasing behaviors.

By including print advertising in your holiday campaign you can actually improve your response rate and lower your overall campaign cost> studies show that the most powerful advertising combination include a combination of Print advertising , TV advertising, and online advertising,  the second most powerful campaign type is actually a combination of both Print and TV . This may be somewhat surprising considering that Online Advertising is so popular among advertisers today.


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