Mainstream Situational Advertising Concepts That are so Common We Barely Notice.

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As each generation continues to change the way that people interact with advertising. It is important to understand where we still have some consistencies. More and more frequently audiences today are looking for authenticity and genuine connection, especially from advertisements and brands. As consumers most people are turning back to traditional values and appreciate the dependability that situational context provides. Situational advertising is a power component that allows advertisers to do just that, rely on common aspects that we all face through out our day to day.

When a customer has a need, the advertiser must be able to demonstrate how they may be able to fulfill it by tapping into the consumer’s basic values and needs. Take super bowl advertising, where brands are willing to spend millions of dollars to connect with consumers as they are enjoying the big game eating a variety of American favorite food alongside their friends and family. Standard advertisers during the Superbowl have always been beverages like Pepsi, coke, mountain dew. and Budweiser, as well as other American pantry staples for the typical American family, Doritos and Heinz Ketchup.

The 30-second spot, for Mountain dew was created from BBDO in New York, with a concept based on 3 things that , this is the first time since that the Pepsi Co brand has had an in-game spot. The commercial aimed to fuse 3 things that many super bowl commercials use to appeal to the audience, “ puppies, monkeys or babies often win the Super Bowl, so Mountain Dew decided to fuse all three together. Why risk segmenting your audience (What if someone likes babies but not puppies? Or monkeys but not babies?) When you can play Dr. Frankenstein and blend all three together?” From an advertising perspective this is really funny and a comical pun the concept of situational advertising.

Family and togetherness is a common theme found within most big name super bowl commercials hence the concept of 3 cutest things found in super bowl commercials in an ad for a new soft drink. I was further drawn to this commercial because mixing those three drinks together has been something I’ve been doing for years. I wonder how many other millennials Pepsi-co spied on ! ( Check out some of the cutest Super Bowl commercials from 2015 )

Situational advertising and product placement is also popular in other conditions and environments. Take for example the prominence of books stores and in the airport and newspapers being slid under the door at hotels for frequent travelers. USA Today is travel time favorite that is prominently displayed in Airport, Starbucks and hotels worldwide where it can be conveniently picked up and taken to view during down time between flights and cups of coffee. The USA Today Newspaper website even includes a flight tracker on their online travel page to provide optimum convenience to travelers.   Stores that offer numerous items that travelers may have forgotten as well gifts, baggage, and often enough attached hotels, car rentals and more frequently, car wash and detailing companies that are available to valet your car and have it spotless and waiting on your return.

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