Print Advertising is Better at Capitalizing on Hard to Reach Demographics Than other Forms of Media

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What type of media is cost effective, produces more purchasing behavior and resonates deeper in the brain than all other types of media? It’s probably not what you expect. No, it’s not online, or even radio commercials.  It’s print advertising!  Even better  you don’t have to completely overhaul your existing campaign to add a little bit of print advertising magic to what you already have cooking. Studies also show that when you ad print media to existing media channels those channels perform better!

This is great news not only for newspaper veterans who have been saying for the last two decades that Print is not dead.   But Let’s be real, is it any surprise to find out something is a good idea, after Warren Buffett already bought up many of the the Newspapers in the United States?

People expect online advertising to be easy. And it is, it’s easy to turn on. It’s easy to spend a lot of money, and it’s easy to get confused. But in reality what’s not easy is resonating with people on a legitimate level that makes them relate to your businesses mission and values. Print does that in a way that is non obtrusive.  A person can haphazardly pick up a magazine or a newspaper and flip through it, but they are doing so with the expectation to see something that resonates.


Be it a display ad or an article;they are looking for something that “speaks to them.”  Print does this.  Even more astounding it’s a great way to reach audiences like Boomers and Millennials that are hard to target  because they are either too expensive or you just are not sure how to efficiently capture their attention. As shown by the Association of Magazine Media, an astounding  91% of people of all ages read magazines regularly.

Most people Prefer Print to Digital

What’s more is that separate studies done have also concluded that even digital natives have a strong preference for printed literature . This is surprising considering the massive amount of time they spend online. Actually, when it comes to advertising print is the first “ touch” in driving people to your product or service.  Being able to reach out and touch an ad actually makes it resonate in deeper parts of the brain so that the viewer is able to recollect and remember the brand image better later on.

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