Print Advertising Low cost way for Small Businesses to reach a Millennial Audience

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While nearly 500%  more money is spent on marketing to millennials than other generations by big businesses alone, it leaves many small businesses unsure of how to capitalize on this huge lucrative demographic.  Often, they believe it to be too expensive going off the assumption that they must be everywhere at once. This is not true! You just have to be more strategic and include print advertising! Studies have consistently shown that not only do digital natives trust print advertising but it is also a great way to drive them to make online and in store purchases. Print advertising campaigns that include Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Mail, and even inserts not only have a bigger  increase in purchasing behavior  as a whole, but also be an efficient way for small businesses to reach a millennial audience.

Numbering at over 80 million. ( US Census Bureau ) the millennial generation commands nearly $600 billion dollars in revenue yearly. Due to their own income as well as their impact over the decisions of their parents and grandparents.

“ Only 15 % of small businesses across all industries market to the millennial buyer.  The main reason being lack of budget (26%) to doubts that marketing even works on millennials (7 %) believe millennials are turned off by marketing or sales pitches. Additionally, many 25% small business owners just don’t believe millennials are key buyers in their industry.” (
Because of this, businesses that are looking to reach this young generation may be surprised to know that print advertising is a cost effective way for small businesses to reach a millennial audience because it directs Millennial customers to your website or business. In fact studies show that most millennials are turned off or ignore online advertising but pay particular attention to magazine, direct mail and even coupon advertising that can be found in newspapers or inserts.

For small businesses to reach a millennial audience successfully it is important to make sure that the call to action in your print advertising campaign tells your audience what you want them to do and then directs them to your mobile friendly site.

“As a general rule, millennials are willing to spend more money for higher quality and unique products, which gives you as a small business owner a distinct advantage.” ( )  This is why  artisan sites like etsy have really taken off in the last decade.

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