Print Advertising that Contains Tactile Elements Improves ROI

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Often print advertising is over looked as the power house of advertising that it is.  It can be easy to forget that there are actually several very concrete reasons why print advertising actually has a leg up on the competition in what it takes to allow people to retain the information that is in an advertisement. Print advertising that contains tactile elements  effectively hits on the key component that aids in in creating memories and ability to recall later on.

While print advertising may not seem like it can hold up to all of the more modern types of advertising options, it is important to note how memories are actually formed. The key to remembering anything is being able to harness the power of emotion. Emotions, or how we feel when we see an ad is the main component in our brains that gets a memory to “stick.”   Several studies conducted in the last few years have shown that when a person is able to physically touch an ad they are more likely to be be able to recall the information in future.

How to add Tactile Elements to your print ads

In order to create an ad that has staying power, you will want to work with your creative team to incorporate a variety of elements to their artwork.  Attributes that ad texture, weight shape, and interesting colors are all great ways to create an ad that is visually enticing. Adding tactile components can be extremely complex or very simple.

Incorporating print advertising that contains  tactile elements to your ad is a great way to draw people in and give them a image that they will be able to recall and connect with your brand later on.  The more of the human senses that are used when looking at an ad, the higher likelihood that is will be able to be recalled later on. Creative elements like embossing or adding different finishes during the printing process can be utilized to really ad flare and dimension to a display ad.

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