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Most of us like to see ourselves as an educated consumer. We know that the internet provides us with the tools to go out there and do our due diligence in researching what the market has to offer. The majority of us probably all have a similar process that we go through when we are considering making a purchase. Part of this process is often checking the company out. Sleuthing around online both on various forums as well as throughout their own site to make sure what they say makes sense and that what their previous client say about them speaks highly of their reputation.  This is also true of search engines.  The more authoritative your site appears the higher your site will appear which will increase clicks and sales.  Here are some of the basic ideas you will want to follow to get started creating authoritative content for your website.

The last couple years have taught us how easy it is for an up and coming business to appear legitimate very fast, and the abundance of native content and even fake news has gotten to really high levels. I think these things have made each of us all the more concerned about getting  in our 5 points checks and balances systems for sure.

For a business purchase, most likely this process leaves no stone un-turned and just in case several similar sites are researched to see if they say similar things and if one seems to offer something that might be a better fit or in some way more appealing.

Checking reviews, business listings and Blog ? Yep!  While you may not be super psyched to add another job to your task list. And I know that you’ve been putting it off for years, but current marketing trends definitely predict that original and fresh content is a great way to improve the credibility of your site in the eyes of your viewers as well as in the eyes of search engines.

Creating Authoritative Content increases engagement

Original content definitely helps small businesses market themselves better by allowing people to find your website via  your expert content. Including appropriate key word within your content allows your website to be found by search engines and your audience. Increasing education and awareness of your audience is the first concept to keep in mind when your  trying to create more authoritative content.

For many, creating content is mostly about getting in good with google search engines so that a post can register well and help to give your website authority.  Once posted, a blog  can command a significant amount of recurring traffic which is great especially if the cost is only someone’s sweat equity. However, it’s not so great if that sweat equity is burned off of the expense of an already stretched too thin business owner who is trying to reduce his task load and not increase it.

Consider these things.How are people finding you currently? Take some time to research what some common search terms are that you are currently getting some traffic from. Also look to see what terms you also feel like you fall into the category of.

Begin by thinking about the types of things that your audience wants to know.

What problems can you help them solve?

What can you educate your audience on about you, as well as  your product?

What topics make sense on your website?


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