Create a More Engaging Display Advertising

Create a More Engaging Display Advertising

With all the work we put into our companies and the money we spend on advertising we just want everything else to work. But as we all know not everything is always smooth sailing. Especially in business.  Creating a more engaging display advertising campaign that effectively captures your audiences attention and connects you to your core target audience will help you improve conversions and increase recognition of your brand.

Here are a few tips to create a more engaging display advertising campaign

Creating a more effective campaign has much to do with effectively capturing and keeping the attention of the right audience. Speaking in a authentic voice that resonates with the audience. One of the biggest benefits of print advertising is that audiences viewing ads in printed publications such as Magazines, Newspapers, and Direct Response Mail pieces are typically viewed by a person at a set time of day when they are a willing participant for viewing articles and advertisements that they see. It creates a more tuned in audience verses a distracted audience that you most often get with online and even radio ads where the advertisement may have to compete for the attention of viewer.

Why the Ability to Touch is Important

By adding tactile elements to your ads that draw the focus in and compel the reader to look and touch is a key way to increasing response rate. Studies show that because the ability to physically touch an ad increases the likelihood that a person may purchase as well as an increase in confidence, satisfaction and reliability.  Among the key findings were that being able to touch a print ad is able to increase the audiences belief that a brand is honest by  41%,with also an increase inn purchase intent by 24%.   By adding elements to your ad that convey different textures, shapes and colors you are able to create a more visually compelling ad that resonates with the viewer.



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