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Print Advertising Cost varies based on whether or not the ad is a Classified or Display. There are other factors that play into the cost of Print Advertising such as: location, size of the ad, and circulation of paper.  Print advertising ranges from very inexpensive for a small classified ad in your local newspaper, to thousands of dollars for a full page ad in a well known magazine.

But you know that right? Most of the time people are looking for something a little bit more specific. While someone might be hoping to hear a flat rate dollar amount right off the bat, often it’s best to factor in a few of the campaigns other metrics.

For a more drawn out answer, it may be that this question is being asked in terms of building a budget or an overall understanding of how much a print campaign should cost. In that case it’s important to factor in the added value that print advertising can have on the Return on Investment of your overall campaign.

Classified rates are typically based on either number of words ( 24 standard quote)  or lines ( 4 line minimum standard ) with additional print advertising cost associated with add ons,  like bolding, eye stoppers  or boxes to help make your ad stand out.  Display rates size and location and whether or not the ad is in color or black in white also factor into the cost.

Niche publications offer advertisers the ability to focus their efforts on reaching only their exact target audience.  Giving an advertiser the ability to custom build their campaign to appeal to the exact demographic they are targeting is a huge benefit.  Budgeting your campaign and being able to place consistently over a span of time is an important factor in maximizing the ROI potential of a print campaign. Larger Nationwide publications on the other hand have the ability to cover a broad audience for affordable rates.

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