The Key to Reducing Advertising Fatigue Could Be Print Advertising

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With more and more businesses competing with each other in the online marketplace,  it is becoming more important that marketers pinpoint the key to reducing advertising fatigue. So that their advertisers continue to see results. 

Some recent studies that looked at the effectiveness of advertising and how successful the ads were over the longevity of their campaign determined that the effectiveness of an ad varies depending on the forum and the frequency that it is shared on. It was determined that not all ads are created equal.

Traditional media creates a more in tuned in Audience 

Print advertising in one of the few forms of advertising that appeal to multiple  senses  and also allows people to approach and consume advertising at a specific time of day when they are choosing to be more focused and  are generally looking for a “good deal.”Thus while reading in a print publication audiences are actively looking for things that are appealing to them both in content and in commerce. Reducing advertising fatigue has a lot to do with catching people when they are more open and engaged with the media versus mindlessly participating. 

People read and retain differently depending on the device or media they are consuming it from

Mobile devices provide people with the ability to scroll mindlessly  through posts on their phones and mentally block out ads as they roll on by making the digital marketplace more like a lottery game than a sure thing, creating millions of mindless zombies that we hope will wake up and click buy when our 1 in a billion ad pops up.

Studies show that online reading primarily consists of a lot of browsing and scanning which leads to worse recognition and recall. By including direct response print advertising into your multimedia advertising campaign you include more opportunity to reach your audience in a media form that is still considered vetted and authentic.

Growth after Repeat exposure 

In some forums, the allure of an ad dies down much faster than in others as the novelty effect is wearing off. For both TV and Online response began to diminish after only 4 exposures to an ad. But the opposite was found for print advertising response which showed growth After 5 exposures to the same ad.

By including hefty doses of print advertising into your media campaigns along with your other media types like online and TV you can reduce advertising fatigue brought on by too much in your face digital advertising, and increase ROI and Brand Awareness.

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