Print Advertising Response Improves after Repeat Exposure

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In print advertising one of the shortcomings is that it typically takes time to get a response, in an instantaneous egotistical world this can seem like the kiss of death. However, this is not actually a shortcoming at all, it’s merely an overlooked opportunity when it is framed in the proper perspective. Print Advertising Response is however not stagnant and like any other form of advertising faces competition from many factors in the digital world and can actually help you boost sales!

How can I Boost my Sales?

Despite the fact that a person might insist that print is not worth it. Studies as recent as 2017 are showing that campaigns perform better with print advertising for a variety of reasons. ( 2017 study )

How can Print Advertising improve my response rate

Additional studies conducted between 2007 all the way through 2015 show that most forms of advertising like TV and online actually begin to diminish in response after a person is exposed to an ad as few as 4 times. Print advertising response, however, is the lone ranger in media that actually begins to increase in response after 5 or more exposures to the same ad. This is one of the main reasons it is such a powerful component in a multimedia campaign.

Because of the low cost of print advertising, it is very economical and wise to get a long term print advertising campaign started right away and then use periods of online advertising to boost sales intermittently throughout your print campaign. Print advertising is a cost-effective and efficient way to target both national and regional areas. USA Today which is owned by Gannett also places inserts in Local papers nationwide which can increase the exposure of your ad and brand based on your target location.

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