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Finding cost effective small businesses advertising options is one of the biggest hurdles that a small business owner have to face. Often times the work load that a small business owner has to manage on their shoulders is huge. They usually play the role of several departments all at once. Finding a way to increase business without creating huge amounts of work on top of that can be nearly impossible. Here are some simple ideas to make advertising for your small business easy and effective.

Spend some time working backwards : Be the Customer

Take some time looking at your online business from the stand point of your customer.  Start by searching for your business webpage as well as taking some time to  claim and update any local / online business listings that you might find.  This will help in  making sure that people who are already looking for your product or services are able to find you with out to much hassle.

Claim and maintain  your online listings you want them to look taken care of , and “active.” Often times people will assume a building is no longer in business and skip along to the next one is they don’t feel like the information is up to date.   Google business listings  is one of the most important ones.

Show your Expertise

Think about what you look for when you are a customer to someone else. You can start with social media sites and encourage your existing patrons to leave reviews. It is also helpful to take the time to upload pictures and informational resources that make your business look informed. Audiences today like seeing themselves as educated on the products and services they use.

Most people these days do their due diligence in researching a company before they begin to do business with them. So taking some time to put up some blog posts on your website to talk about your area of expertise can be a great way to portray your expertise in your field. Having a couple of  well written posts or press releases that are linked to you is a great way to inform your audience and bolster your own reputation.

Find existing Niche Audiences where you can run small businesses advertising

By understanding how to effectively target your audience and advertise in places they already go to can be a great way to hone in on your target client with out bringing in too many leads that your don’t need. By putting your ads in places where your niche audience is already spending their time you can save yourself a ton of energy later on by not having to deal with leads that may not convert. Take some time to ask existing customers how they found you, or where they go when they are  the market for a product or service. Creating a open dialogue between you and your clientele is huge> these types of activities make you feel informed and make them feel valuable to you also.

Use Print Advertising to improve your existing campaigns or to create new ones

Niche Market Publications that appeal to professionals in a specific field or hobbyists is a great way to connect with your ideal buyer.  By utilizing a platform that reaches out to your unique demographic you are able to piggy back off of the publications reputation.  By seeing your ad in a trusted platform your brand becomes more trusted also.  Print advertising on a larger scale, either regionally or nationally also functions as a great platform to reach a large audience for much cheaper than you might otherwise be able to.  Print advertising also serves as a inexpensive way to test new messaging  or bolster performance of your TV and Online Campaigns

Effective small businesses advertising does not have to come at the cost of your sanity or even your pocket book.  Understanding that there are a lot of avenues that you can take as a small business owner to help yourself manage and maintain the traffic you want and already getting is a great way to work smart.

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