Demographic Targeting in Print Advertising Effective for Variety of Groups

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Reports of media consumption growth have found that from 2015 to 2016  the US consumption of media grew significantly.    Media consumption figures are becoming so high that there is a potential for people to consume more media than there are hours in a day. One of the reasons why is the growing use of simultaneous media streams and constant multi-tasking. This leaves advertisers even more concerned about whether or not, people are seeing their ads at all.  Luckily,  print advertising allows for demographic targeting in a way that creates more focused interaction and reduces advertising avoidance.

Most people are caught in a conundrum of wanting to take in large amounts of media and trying to be more mindful about who, why, and how they are exposing themselves to media and advertising; while leaving advertisers wondering where they should be spending their money.

As the old saying goes, “too much of anything isn’t really a good thing.” With simultaneous media streams, becoming the norm, media overload is becoming a bigger concern for advertisers. “This increasing level of multi-tasking is creating competition between media streams to be the dominant stream at any one time.” ( How Much Media )

Features that allow people to choose where, when and how they consume media are on the rise, which includes the ability to watch pre-recorded shows on DVRs or other streaming services like Amazon Prime or Netflix. Unexpectedly, more traditional forums like print advertising are allowing businesses the ability to provide demographic targeting to a variety of different audiences. Print advertising also allows their audience to view it in a way that allows for many of the previously mentioned boundaries to be met.

Younger generations do not like having advertising thrown at them from every direction and are used to actively blocking it out. Most people have the expectations that they get to choose when and how to view advertising, either through the use of multi-tasking, skipping, fast forwarding, or blocking them all together.

In the past, the assumption was that online options would lead to the demise of print advertising, but we are actually seeing the reverse.  People are beginning to acknowledge the over abundance of advertising online and they are starting to appreciate forums that are looking for more quality. This has lead to a two-fold problem. Initially, it leads publishers to try and improve their web experience, but in some cases others were suggesting they should divert them back to the print edition presenting more of a “premium boutique product”.

Print advertising shows to be an effective media forum for demographically targeting a variety of groups. Younger generations realize that it is easy to post information online and older generations are also showing trust in print advertising. The expectation is that there is valuable information in print.

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