Low Cost Print Advertising Campaigns are a great way to improve the ROI of your existing campaign this Holiday Season.

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Print Advertising in both Display and Classified ad is a great inexpensive way to increase response to your existing campaign.

Magazine and Newspapers tend to sit around in offices and on table tops for long periods of time and can be  picked up by multiple people.

Studies have shown that while in the case of TV and Online advertising the response typically begins to die down as soon as only the 4th exposure to a print advertising campaigns response begins to grow after 5 exposures to the same ad!  Even More is that print advertising is the only type currently that is able to “hang around” for as long as it does.

This is not the case for other types of advertising. ” Spending 17-59% of total budget on newspapers increases the ROI for Services almost 2.5 times. In the UK the ROI increase is 300%.” (printpower.eu)

Print Advertising Campaigns are a great way to reach Above Average Median High Income Households

USA Today spent 2 billion in merchandise  in the first 3 QTRS of  2015 and had a  Median High Income of $158,001 for their readers.  Large Nationwide printed publications are appealing to advertisers in that they attract a group of educated adults that are active spenders and earn higher than average income when compared to the general public. Newspapers like USA Today are traveler favorite and are predominantly displayed in high traffic areas like Starbucks, Airports, and often given in the morning to hotel guests.

This makes deals like  USA Today’s Shop for Gifts  holiday rate where advertisers can get a 5 day run buy 3 weeks get the 4th week free or 20 exposures of the same Ad!

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