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We get it, there are never enough hours in the day to keep up with all the mountain of to do’s and the need to get done’s that a smaller business owner has on their list today.  Ironically, the first things that people see about your business can be the last things a small business owner thinks about during their day to day grind. Thank goodness, that small business advertising does not have to be complicated, because who has time to consider every single little thing, and can’t anything run on auto pilot?

Kinda, but you have to take advantage of it and be your own best advocate. Too many times we forget what we ourselves do as consumers. So it’s important to walk yourself through it one step at a time. With the mind set of  “what you would do if you were looking for your product or service?”, and most importantly, never assume that someone or something is going to do the work for you.

Nowadays, most people are getting info from several different ways. With the most popular being word of mouth, from those you know, and search engines. These two things actually intersect at the corner of  online reviews, and social media 🙂 I kid.

3 Small Business advertising tips to help keep the ball rolling

  1. How do people find out about you ?
  2. Take advantage of what people think of you.
  3. And benefit from where people are already looking for you.

But what this means is, make sure you  search for yourself online.   Primarily check to see that your business listings at Google for Business, Yelp, Facebook Pages.  While the predominate amount of information listed here is automatically generated with information that is found online that doesn’t means it’s 100% correct.

First, you want to make sure that the existing info is  accurate, and you want them to look like someone “lives there” and they are managed. These are most likely the very first things that someone will see when trying to decide whether or not to do business with you.  And Yes, that’s even before they decide to check out your website or brick and mortar store.

It is important to take the time to seek out and look at any listing that may exist out there already, and make sure they give an accurate presentation of how you want your business to appear to other people.

Google is especially important because this info will also come up in Google maps also.  Google for Business has addition features that allows for you  to add pictures, keep track of reviews,  and track insights and analytic’s.   You should also track down or set up accounts on Facebook and other social networks.  It is also incredibly important to respond to reviews professionally, both good and bad, and also consider uploading pictures of your business and staff.

Many times small businesses can also benefit if their industry provides them with additional listings. Many professional industries like doctors, dentists, and lawyers have these, as well as contractors, and realtors.They can be another great place to benefit from a free listing and reviews about your business, as well as someplace you may be able to place  in expensive banner advertising as well.

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