Small Business Advertising Trends that Work!

Small Business Advertising Trends that Work!

Did you know that nearly Half of all small business owners play the role of marketing department themselves! With so little time available in the day business owners must be leery of jumping onto all of the small business advertising trends that they hear about.

Small Business Advertising Trends that are Worth It.

Content Marketing

Not only is content marketing a huge buzz word right now, it actually can drive tons of traffic to your site for very little cost other than the time that it takes you to compose a post.  If you think that you do not have the time to think up and write consistent content for your website keep in mind that every little bit helps.  Take the time to consider how your customers find you in search engines and work to come up with appropriate content that will help educate people about what it is you do and why it is so important.  Think of it this way if you think what you do is special it probably is but who better to explain why than you !  Don’t over do it, no one wants to take advice from a blow hard that toots their own horn. the key is to inform not advertise.

Online Networking and Social Networking.

These days one of the largest  small business advertising trends is social media.  It is expected that a legitimate business will have a social media site on nearly every existing platform.  Keep in mind depending on what your service or product is it may not be the best platform to expect to find your exact audience. Often for professional services having a social media site on platforms like Facebook and twitter is more about “looks” than actually recruiting an audience. Where as products, and personal services do much better on this type of forum. Take some time to think about where you would go to find a business service like yours, Do you research on linked in or search engines? Do you ask for referral ( lots of people do) when you find those answers take some time to beef up what you are doing in those areas and don’t feel so bad about not having a post on your Facebook business page every single day. Quality over quantity.

Multi Media Campaigns that include Print Advertising

No it’s not a thing of the past, print advertising has a ton of advantages over other types of media in helping you keep your costs down but also amplifying the media that you already are using.  Using a combination of forms of media is extremely productive to keep consistent leads coming in. Studies have shown that advertising like TV, Radio and Online are better at producing response early on , and their response rate begins to go down after as few as 4 exposures while media forms like print Newspaper, Magazine Etc. begin to increase in response after 5 exposures.

When advertisers use a combination of advertising that includes print they produce the most favorable outcomes.   One of the reasons that including print into a campaign s from its longevity and low cost. Printed media forms are the only form of  media that people have a tendency to hang onto for long periods of time and pass around to other people. Other forms of advertising are gone right after the ad spend is up.  The low cost help small business owners effectively continue to advertise during these advertising lulls.  Print advertising campaigns have the ability to be placed on large scales for a very effective price. Nation wide publications like USA Today offer regional and national sized packages as well as specialty and niche publications owned by Gannett.

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