Tips to Improve Online Engagement through Content and Social Media

Tips to Improve Online Engagement through Content and Social Media

Let’s Face it, the rules of marketing are changing all the time. For a Small business owner who is trying to improve online engagement and increase sales it can be extremely hard to keep up and keep track of all there is to do.  Recent studies have shown that for many people the better the customer service the more trust they tend to have in the company over all. Likewise, following other common sense tools can be your best bet in conquering your marketing goals.

Build trust and reassurance

“Your primary goal is to create a relationship with your audience. You can start by posting valuable information that relates to your business or industry. It’s important to stick with what makes sense” says Kelsey Schepmann who is the Media Manager at MCA Russell Johns

“Consistency is a big part of this. Think about different themes for each day of the week  and mix in a few posts that are also light and funny. Stay relevant and current. You want to appear knowledgeable but also objective by staying away from various trigger topics.”

Increasing education and awareness

“ I try to explain this part of the process to improve online engagement and website traffic is  about showing  your audience what  is available verses selling them something. This helps to light the path.”

And this is True. Most of us like to think of ourselves as an educated consumer. We know that the tools are out there to do our due diligence in researching what the market has to offer, and learning what we need to be doing.  As a Small business owner who is looking to market their company part of that job is to make the information available to your audience that you want them to find.  This helps them to make an informed decision in your favor.

The majority of us probably all have a similar process that we go through when we are considering making a purchase. Part of this process is often checking out the company out. Sleuthing around online both on various forums as well as throughout their own site to make sure what they say makes sense and that what their previous client say about them speaks highly of their reputation.

“The last couple years have taught us how easy it is for a up and coming business to appear legitimate very fast, and the abundance of native content and even fake news has gotten to really high levels. I think these things have made each of us all the more concerned about getting  in our 5 points checks and balances systems for sure.”

For a business purchase, most likely this process leaves no stone un-turned and just in case several similar sites are researched to see if they say similar things and if one seems to offer something that might be a better fit or in some way more appealing. It’s important to let your audience come to their own conclusion and not lead with the expectation that they are going to assume you are the right fit.

To improve online engagement, the main idea you want to lead with, is a focus on customer service, not sales. Look to be authentic, not   sales- y. Most of all, pay attention to consistency and what works for your brand not necessarily what you think the other guy is doing.

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