USA Today Regional Advertising offers huge appeal to auctioneers at 2016 NAA conference

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For many small to medium sized businesses finding regional advertising can be difficult.  Often Business owners think they are limited to what they have available to them locally, and it often comes as a surprise to them when they can actually get the big name notoriety in an exclusive regional package.

MCA-RussellJohns associates attended the NAA conference in Grand Rapids Michigan last week and took the time to speak to the auctioneer’s about the regional advertising opportunity available to them in USA Today Auction Showcase.  Doug Knowles an  executive associate with MCA-RussellJohns and representative of auction showcase found that most auctioneers loved the regional availability of such a big name.

Main concerns about advertising  in the Auction Showcase,  a well known featured section specially designed for advertising for auctioneers. Knowles spoke with many auctioneers who were very price conscientious but also excited about the regional advertising ability in running in such a large widely known newspaper where their ad could only appear in their surrounding states  to attract an audience of people within driving distance from the auction.  “ My client’s in the USA Today Auction Showcase gave me  great feedback on previous Showcase ads and were excited to continue with their placements. Speaking with the auctioneers, not everyone knew we ran not only national but we have 4 targeted regions. I found out their only option regionally were their smaller local papers. USA TODAY works in partnership with the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), the world’s largest professional association dedicated to professional auctioneers. NAA Members can also receive discounts off open rates which is also another great advantage available to them.”


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