Print Advertising shows Resistance to Advertising Fatigue

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Studies show that print advertising shows resistance to advertising fatigue far better than other types of advertising.

Despite the belief that online advertising has the ability to deliver the highest returns more recent studies have concluded that in fact print advertising actually delivers response much longer than online and even TV media for the same ad and has better resistance to advertising fatigue than other types of modern media.   In a set of studies conducted between 2007 to 2015  looked at the response rate of print , TV and online campaigns Advertising campaigns it was shown that for TV and Online advertising  response began to decrease  after the ad was viewed as few as 4 times. In the case of print advertising however, it was concluded that response began to increase after 5 exposures of the same print ad.

Viewing print Advertising provides a environment that is more conducive for focus that favors brand favor-ability and recall

Online Advertising is a extremely competitive way to advertise because its very likely that you are going to be competing for the focus of your audience and viewing media on multiple devices at one time. Scrolling or mindless viewing is also very common. With Print advertising there is much more decreased ability to do that. Typically a personal selects to go through their mail or flip through a publication at a selected time of day and is therefore more focused and open to the material within. In these same studies it was  also demonstratedthat print had a  positive increase in several key factors that lead to higher sales and a more productive campaign overall with the main two being  “Brand favorability and purchase intent. Print ad exposures generated lifts that were 7% points higher than those for Online and 3% points higher than those for TV.”  While this is not typically what we expect to here this is promising for those worried about the progression of digital advertising in the upcoming years.

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